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Chassis ElectricityOil ChangePreparation for technical inspectionPainting worksCar wash and dry-cleaningEverything your car needs

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Fill out the application

Fill out the online application, provide us with contact information and details about a vehicle


Our assistant will contact you; he/she will take a car to an auto mechanic, provide diagnostics and pinpoint a car problem


We will agree on the cost and all the details after which we start repairing your car


We return your car as soon as possible

Why us


  • Speed of service

  • High quality service

  • Full warranty and insurance

  • Qualified staff

  • Preparing a car for technical inspection

  • Use our car before yours is repaired

  • More than 500 implemented projects

Global Auto Import‘s innovative platform Global Auto Service offers a full range of auto services. Our skilled team will take care of solving your car problems within the shortest lead time and with a full warranty. By using our service, you prevent the inconvenience caused by seeking specialists and spare parts, you save time, money and energy.

You can also use our car until yours is repaired.


  • Chassis

  • Electricity

  • Oil Change

  • Preparation for technical inspection

  • Set up a hybrid system
  • Engine repair
  • Painting works

  • Car wash and dry-cleaning

  • Everything your car needs

Global Auto Service